About Us

Alice Logan

Hello, guys I am Alice. My hometown is in USA. I graduated from the University of East Anglia in 2015 with a degree in Film and American Studies. After graduating I started working in SEO and digital marketing. I  enjoys anything creative but found that data analytics and problem-solving added an exciting new dimension. I am  passionate about new ideas that deliver real results.

It’s taken a lot of Google searches for Alice to find the profession I am  right for. I loves learning, then communicating complex information in a form that’s accessible to everyone. SEO provides an ideal balance of geeking out on algorithms, market research, creative thinking and content creation. And the best part? It delivers real results and job satisfaction! Working on RankerX Review allows me to practice my value of honesty and strong people skills to build trusting relationships with my clients. I am an SEO expert having worked with companies ranging from small local businesses through to major blue chips.

RankerX Review is a content-driven SEO agency, specializing in link building and content marketing. We offer link building directly to clients as well as white-label options for agency resellers. In January 2021, we launched a new division offering SEO services exclusively to law firms in competitive markets and practice areas. We are known for delivering high-quality, custom work, that allows our clients to dominate in the most competitive industries. We earned our reputation by delivering Stellar results like this:

As we got our feet under us as a company, calls were pouring in from small business owners whose sites were penalized and their old SEO provider up and disappeared when they needed them the most. Even more strange, the SEO industry was still chalk full of companies offering the very services that were getting sites penalized. The state of the industry at the time made two things very clear.

Our strategies must be linked with real business goals and our campaigns should deliver real business results. If you feel your marketing communications are holding you back, talk to us!

As marketers, we link exciting and engaging ideas with data-driven decisions – it is critical to the success of our campaigns and our ability to produce tangible results. This ethos permeates throughout our marketing campaigns whether they be online or offline