What is a link farming and why google don’t like it?

One of the many factors that determine the popularity of a website is the number and quality of links within and the references to and from the website. Google was the first search engine to evaluate a website’s links to determine its popularity and PageRank. Other search engines soon followed, creating an environment in which web administrators could search for links to other websites to increase the popularity of their websites. This led to a black hat SEO practice called automated link building with tools like Rankerx guide and review also known as link farming.

What is a link farm?

Link farming can be described as a black hat SEO tactic. It is based on a website creating reciprocal links with another website called a link farm or paying a website for inbound links to create links that fool the search engines artificially. This is to represent the website as a popular website and give it a higher ranking. These link farms exist only to increase link popularity and have no other purpose. These pages are recognized because they contain links to pages that are completely different in nature and completely independent of one another. Link farming can be viewed as spamming the search engine index and is also known as spamdexing.

How Google deals with link farming

When Google realized how artificial links were created to manipulate search rank, it worked to eliminate the problem by changing its algorithm to detect link farms and penalizing websites for links from these Farms to raise their popularity rating artificially. Well, Google is penalizing websites that are linked to link farms, and such websites may be in the process of being removed from Google’s indexing itself because google hates the link farming. Google also rates links created by link farms as spam.

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Good and bad links

Since search engines use links to determine a website’s popularity, websites with good links will usually rank better on Google. Search engines no longer treat all links equally. The links that come from government sites or universities (gov & Edu) and are relevant are considered better for the website than links from non-government sites or those that the search engine considers irrelevant. So good links are links that point to popular websites that rank highly in search results and are relevant to the website’s content.

Extensive links are essential for the existence of the Internet. Websites must be linked to one another. So it’s important to watch out for links but not get them from websites that are obviously link farms. If you need good links, find and link to forums and blogs relevant to your business or post a listing on a spam-free business directory.

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