What is link juice and How does it work?

What is Link Juice?

If another page links to your website with the help of Automated Rankerx link building review OR by manual method, Google will see this as a page that endorses or recommends your page. Google considers all of these link votes (i.e., the website’s link profile) to conclude the relevance and importance of individual websites and your website as a whole. This is the basic concept behind PageRank. When a website links to your website or links internally from one of your pages to another, so-called link juice is transferred. This award of “PageRank points” is also generally referred to as “link juice” or “link power” transfer.

The amount of Link Juice passed depends on the number of PageRank points the website has on the link and the total number of links on the website that transmit Link power. To keep the rating system clearly structured, Google uses much algorithmic math to correlate tremendous (and minimal) PageRank values ​​with a clean and unambiguous 0 to 10 rating scale.

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How does “Link Juice” work?

Think of it this way: Every website has a limited amount of link juice that it can give, and the amount it has available is the sum of the PageRank points that the site has earned. A website with 20 accumulated PageRank points can therefore not award more than 20 points link juice.

If a page with 20 PageRank points links to another page, one link transfers the entire amount of link juice to that other website. However, if a page with 20 PageRank links to five websites (internal or external), each link carries only one-fifth of the link juice.

Link Juice

Is the “no follow” attribute the solution?

What if you want to link to multiple resources to improve the usability but have a strategic reason to withhold reporting the PageRank to those pages?

You can tell Google not to pass PageRank by changing some links with a rel = ”no follow” attribute. The search engines do not crawl a followed link, and no PageRank or anchor text signals are transmitted.

However, Google still sees unlisted links as part of the total number of links on the page. The PageRank value that is available for forwarding through the remaining following links is thereby reduced.

So, for example, if you have a 100 PR point webpage that has four links, and three of those links have rel = “no follow” tags, the one link that doesn’t have rel = “nofollow” will likely still be Pass on a quarter or 25 point link juice.

What is a do-follow link?

A dofollow link is a link that passes on SEO link juice, which helps increase and improve the ranking of the website linked to the corresponding link. This means that the website will appear higher in the search engine ranking results (SERPS).

Rankerx review dofolllow link

To understand why this type of link works, we need to study how Google and other search engines work. When your website gets a backlink ( hyperlink ) pointing to your page, they get an SEO boost. Therefore, the more small SEO boosts you get for your website, the better the long-term ranking of your website can be.

The reason you get an SEO boost is that Google takes note of a page, the number of inbound links, and the types of websites they’re coming from. If Google sees many real links to a particular page, then it will classify your website as a great page that gets a lot of recommendations and will therefore rank that website higher. Overall, dofollow links help index, crawl, and rank a website more effectively.

Benefits of do-follow links in your link building campaign

Dofollow backlinks have been given some leeway with Google’s guidelines, but while Google puts severe restrictions on following links, they still offer some great link-building advantages. Here are some of these benefits below:

SEO Boost: Great content, along with a do-follow link, on a quality website, can really help you improve your website ranking and SEO performance. The more do follow backlinks you build healthily, the more traffic it will bring to your website, and the more you will outperform your competition.

Indexing is Faster: Dofollow links can be crawled and indexed faster by Google, which allows your website or content to be indexed faster. For this reason, it is ideal to try creating do-follow links using white hat link-building methods.

More Traffic: Dofollow links have the ability to bring more visitors to your website or blog as the readership of other websites and blogs will connect directly to you. With a do follow the link, you have more opportunities to let new visitors discover your content and websites.

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